Our transmission services

ElecLink will offer interconnector capacity between Great Britain and France

Competitive additional interconnector capacity
New pluriannual products
Flexible transmission services

Transmission capacity

ElecLink will offer short and long-term capacity contracts to its users, including major utilities and power traders in a transparent and non- discriminatory manner. ElecLink will ensure efficient secondary market trading arrangements that allow the resale of capacity for its users and other market participants.

Ancillary services

We will offer ancillary services to Transmission System Operators including cross-border balancing and emergency contracts.

Capacity marketing

In Q4 2014, ElecLink solicited expressions of interest from prospective buyers for the multi-annual capacity contracts that will be allocated to the market through an open, transparent and non-discriminatory auction process, the Open Season.

In Q4 2015, ElecLink consulted market participants on the terms of access to and use of the ElecLink interconnector by third parties, the ElecLink Access Rules.

In Q2 2016, the national regulatory authorities in Great Britain and France approved the ElecLink Access Rules.