Document library

A. Registration documents:

ElecLink registration guide
ElecLink registration form
ElecLink contractual framework
ElecLink nomination participation agreement

B. Capacity allocation and nomination rules:

ElecLink access rules
ElecLink charging methodology statement

C. Capacity Split

ElecLink 2024 Capacity Split
ElecLink Amended 2023 Capacity Split_Revision 2
ElecLink Amended 2023 Capacity Split
ElecLink 2023 Capacity Split
ElecLink Amended 2022 Capacity Split
ElecLink 2022 Capacity Split

D. NTC Interim Methodology:

CRE Decision on NTC Interim Methodology
NTC Interim Methodology

E. Neptune documentation:

Neptune user guide
Information system rules of Neptune

F. Splitting Rules:

Splitting Rules Methodology

G. Consultations:

For ElecLink public consultation documents, please see our Consultations page